09/2020 – 12/2020


Branding and Marketing Consultant, Designer

Origin of Mind: ideating and drafting new marketing and branding strategies with a newfound focus on digital in 2020.

As part of Imagical, Berkeley’s creative consulting organization, we worked with Origin of Mind clothing company to ideate new customer acquisition strategies to increase growth and social media presence while still abiding to the brand’s core message. This was especially important due to the brand’s prior reliance on in-person sales being halted due to the COVID-19 crisis, thus highlighting the importance of their digital strategy. 


Origin of Mind saw a significant decrease in sales following the transition to only e-commerce in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their prior reliance on B2B and in-person sales led to a small social media presence and unassured brand identity, customer acquisition strategy, and allocation of marketing and advertising resources. 


We conducted extensive competitive analysis and consumer research to highlight a new target demographic and ideate new customer acquisition strategies. This was followed recommendations and creative executions regarding brand identity and social media cadence.


We started with a comprehensive overview of the state of the fashion industry, as well as a look into the business models and ideologies of certain direct Origin of Mind competitors and indirect brand models.

New Target Demographic

After doing considerable research into potential customer demographics, we identified older consumers who care more about the brand’s message regarding sustainability and social justice, and are a more loyal customer base, as a promising target demographic.

Novel Customer Acquisition Strategies

We continued by researching proof-of-concept and industry examples regarding marketing and advertising strategy and the best allocation of marketing funds among media channels, before applying those concepts towards a broad application for Origin of Mind. Lastly, we devised what the execution would look like for Origin of Mind on the ground-level (logistics specifics, etc.)

Branding and Social Media

Lastly, I worked to draft a new color scheme, typeface, and social media strategy to align with the selected target demographics and customer acquisition strategies identified. This cumulated in my new brand book for the company and a recommendations regarding social media cadence.

Brand Guidelines