03/2020 – 05/2020


Full Graphic Designer, Logo Designer, Web Developer


User Research, UI/UX Development, Web Development, Branding, Logo Design, Marketing, Social Media


Alameda Eats: connecting the community with struggling restaurants during the COVID-19 pandemic

Working with the Alameda Chamber of Commerce, I created Alameda Eats, program to connect Alameda citizens with local restaurants in Alameda that are suffering from the shelter-in-place directive in response to COVID-19. Alameda Eats is a searchable website where you can find up-to-date information on Alameda restaurants that are offering takeout, delivery and/or curbside pick-up. New information and restaurants are submitted by the community, truly making it a community resource. Since launch, the site has over 30,000 page views and features 112 local restaurants and businesses, also being featured in local news.


Businesses saw rapidly decreasing revenue during the COVID-19 pandemic, driving many Alameda businesses potentially out of business. Many community members were unaware of this, as well as which restaurants were open and how to order from them. No collective platform currently existed to connect restaurants with customers virtually.


Working with Alameda Chamber of Commerce Executive President Madlen Saddik and Alameda Unified School District Career Technical Specialist Felicia Vargas, we identified a common directory of businesses to be a proper solution. wanted a sleek, modern, yet also extremely functional site that easily and seamlessly connected users with a directory and list of local restaurants to support in Alameda, conveying both the strength of our community and highlighting the wonderful cuisine of Alameda, displayed in our logo: a combination of an anchor and a fork.


The hero section is a direct call-to-action. It highlights the wealth of food options by rotating between them, and then asks the user to search for their restaurant or type of food they are looking for.


The directory is the most important part of the site. It lists over 110 local Alameda restaurants, sortable and searchable. When the user chooses a restaurant, it directs them to a page with updated hours, menu, phone number, type of delivery during the pandemic, and location.


We also included a donations section to further highlight both the importance of supporting local business as well as donating to local food banks and meals on wheels in this crisis.

Submit a Restaurant

As we lacked a formal list of Alameda restaurants and hours, and restaurant practices were constantly changing amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, a form for community members to submit new restaurants or information was essential.