I’m Kyle Wonzen.

About Me.

Graphic design is my passion


My name is Kyle Wonzen, I’m an 18 year-old Multimedia Designer and Entrepreneur located in Alameda, California. When away from my computer, you can find me relentlessly educating people on Arsenal football club and playing the newest Nintendo Switch game. I’ve been designing logos, print, and apparel for about 3 years. I specialize in logo design, visual identity, and merchandise/branding creation.

If you would like to discuss your project or see more examples of my work please get in touch.
Cheers, 👋

Practice Makes Perfect

Experienced Multimedia

What I do.

I do everything you need visually, including branding, web development, logo design, print design, graphics, and merchandise.

Work Experience.

I have worked for a variety of clients, and intern as a graphic designer for the City of Alameda Community Development Department.


I am currently a High Schooler at Alameda High School. I have taken 3 years of design courses, so although I might not have a degree, your project is in good hands.

Knowledge is everything

My Skills.


web design

I do extensive web development through WordPress, and have rudimentary skills in html and css.


logo design

My bread and butter. I have done a ton of logos, and do all logo work through Adobe Illustrator.


The kitchen sink

I can do anything else visual too. Whether it be Photoshop, XD, InDesign, Illustrator, or Premiere Pro, I can handle any side of your brand!

more about me


A couple more details about me, I’m not just a design robot! I have interests and a life too! Well, kinda.


When not working or studying, you can often find me obsessing over Arsenal football club, and relentlessly fussing over my fantasy sports teams.


I always enjoy a good game or two. I just picked up the new Nintendo Switch, and you can often find me playing Smash Bros. Ultimate or Pokemon Sword.


My musical genre of choice is alternative, acoustic pop, or as my twin brother says, “boring music.” My favorite artists include Khai Dreams, Lauv, Mykey, and Pink $weats.


I am a foodie. But I don’t take annoying instagram pictures of it. C’mon, that’s sooo 2017. I’m also addicted to sushi. I have a problem.